This is my digital teaching portfolio that can give concrete evidence of my teaching abilities as well as fulfill my requirements for NC State’s Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching. My teaching portfolio is broken down into 5 sections that show how I intend to teach, what I have in the classroom, and what I plan to do:

You can navigate through these sections by either clicking on them directly or through the upper right drop-down menu under Teaching.

The Philosophy section gives a description of my overarching goals for student learning as well as my teaching style. Next, the Methods section illustrates how I manage the classroom, how I evaluate student performance, and how I have attempted to formulate these ideas. Both sections establish the how and why I teach. One common theme in these sections is that I try to teach towards my strengths and use my personality to engage with students.

To display my performance in the classroom so far, I have both the Courses and Assessment pages. The Courses section displays sample material of each course I have taught so far. To display how students have responded to my teaching, I have the Assessment section that has student evaluations for every section I have taught so far. These sections feed off of each other as I use the Assessment section to continually update the Courses section as I get more feedback from students.

And finally, the Future Goals section displays goals that I have to improve my teaching, expand my areas of expertise, and continue my professional development as it relates to teaching. I have found that writing down goals helps direct me to make efficient use of my time and motivates me to complete my goals. This section also reinforces to me that becoming an effective teacher is a journey and not a destination, so I should always be trying to improve myself as a teacher, researcher, and person.

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